Hammersmith Studios
Award winning: restoration & conservation of historic ironwork

and custom ironwork.

Restoration -Conservation of Historic Ironwork

We have completed dozens of projects involving restoration-conservation of historic ironwork. We make every effort to keep and perserve as much as we can of the orginial material.

For the past two decades we have studied the fine subtilites of iron work and practiced emulating the work of the classic blacksmithing masters, which means that we can partner with you and your team to restore your ironwork to its original glory.

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Custom design work for interior and exterior

Hammermsith Studios has been working with private clients, architects and interior designers for many years. If you do not have a design we can work with you throught the design process and create the perfect solution.

Custom bronze doors, unique iron railings, large copper kitchen hoods, custom designed tables, lighting or door hardware are just to name a few of our past projects.

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Classes and training

Over the years we have taught many students. Should you have an interest in forging or learning blacksmithing techniques call or email.

You can also visit the school web site.


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Some kind words from our clients

We brought Hammersmith Studios a fireplace summer cover that we’d purchased from an antiquities dealer. The item had been badly packaged and had broken in transit.

When we brought it in, we had little hope that the damage could be repaired.  Hammersmith Studios said they could do it.

They offered us a fair price and did the work ahead of schedule.

The cover looks magnificent–cleaned, restored, and repaired. The repair involved both joining a break and casting and attaching a new piece to replace a missing corner. The repairs are so well done that they’re barely visible. 

This is true skilled smith work.

We strongly recommend Hammersmith Studios.

–Molly and Marc
Private Commission Clients
Rhode Island

Cross Restoration-Fletcher Steele Garden Society of St. John the Evangelist Cambridge, MA

Some of our notable clients.

Alexander Hamilton House, New York
Custom House, Salem, Massachusetts

Past achivements

Lucy G. Moses
Preservation Award
New York Landmarks Conservancy.

Cambridge Historical Commission

Want to talk about your project?

We at Hammersmith Studios are dedicated to the art of blacksmithing and have spent many years studing the masters of the past. Learning the fine nuiances of their work. The techniques which made the work their own. We hold each and every one of them in high regard.

One of our specialties is restoration. We have decades of experience with historical restoration.

We are well versed in working with architects, designers and private clients to bring their vision to life.